What is Arrano Network Upcoming hype project

Arrano Network is An ecosystem for the development of fair crypto products for the Arrano community of crypto enthusiasts. The Network is completely tokenized and made of 4 different communities who contribute their skills in project developments. An opportunity for a Newbie and Expert to enter the era of Defi earnings .

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Arrano Network Review

Arrano Network has created a new technology platform and protocol for connecting different resources under an on-chain network, and in doing so, they are creating a blockchain protocol where users can connect and find fair crypto solutions to develop, deploy and use.

They bring in the idea of “ Crypto Neutrality”. A Sophisticated platform integrated with its own Blockchain network and products
like a decentralized exchange, a cross-chain wallet, a learning center, a portfolio manager, and other helpful apps with a tokenized economy.

Can put the power of Crypto rightfully into the hands of individuals. The Core platform is influenced by Ethereum Network, Polkadot, Matic, Tron, and other protocols and their layers of applications like smart contracts and apps.

They believe that when you combine a cross-chain technology, zero-knowledge proof ( ZKP) security, token incentivization, and a Strong Community, you open up the potential of Crypto to reach every aspirant around us.

Arrano network has designed a very unique on-chain protocol that searches the trades of similar order on different Decentralized Exchange platforms and allows users to instantly convert tokens effortlessly.

There is no order book. Users will know the conversion rate before sending the transaction and receive the corresponding amount. Users don’t pay any extra fees. (other than the gas fees for the transaction).

Arrano Network benefits through pricing a reasonable spread in the conversion rate.

For e.g If you place an order to swap ETH to YFI on Arrano Dex, the protocol will check the same order from:



sushi swap and

other standard decentralized exchanges and find the best deal for your orders.

Instead of maintaining a global order book, we maintain a reserve warehouse that holds an appropriate amount of crypto tokens for purposes of maintaining exchange liquidity.

The reserve is directly controlled by the Arrano Network, and the contract has a conversion rate for each exchange pair of tokens by fetching from all the reserves.

The rates are frequently updated by the reserve managers, and the Arrano contract will select the best rate for the users.

When a request to convert from token A to token B arrives, the Arrano contract checks if the correct amount of token A has been credited to the contract, then sends the corresponding amount of token B to the sender’s specified address.

The amount of token A, after the fees, is credited to the reserve that provides the token B.

They introduce a new standard contract wallet to enable some of our interesting applications.

Specifically, our new standard contract wallet allows the Arrano contract to send a user’s newly converted tokens to his/ her destination address on the user’s behalf.

The destination address will receive the converted tokens as if the tokens were sent from the sender, not the Arrano Contract.

Arrano Products

Arrano Products are fair crypto products built under the surveillance of the Arrano Developer community.

Like the Decentralized exchange is developed by raising funds through a Defi token, ANDX, The Products include user-friendly and innovative access to existing similar applications

1. P2P Exchange

A Crypto to fiat exchange platform that allows users to convert any crypto to fiat from any location. The Module will be launched in a beta version for the countries in order with the highest number of users into the platform.

2. Arrano Academy

One place Platform for beginners and experts to learn about blockchain and crypto. The module will include insightful articles, basic tutorials, and QA sessions for a better understanding of topics.

3. Arrano Launchpad

A Startup funding Smart contract that enables projects to host crypto/defi ideas to be funded in Arrano native tokens and involve in developments and revenue sharing via the token.

4. Portfolio Tracker

A Friendly and useful tool for crypto traders to track and monitor the portfolio on different platforms. This tool also allows traders with active signals and reports.

5. Tokenized Stocks

Arrano Decentralized Exchange will also include trading tokenized stocks like apple, tesla, McD, Microsoft, and others.

ANO Token

ANO is the native token of the Arrano network that is the fuel of the whole ecosystem.

  • Ticker: ANO token
  • Total Supply: 1000000000
  • Available supply: 4900000000

A Volume of 1 billion ANO has been generated which will be released periodically in 5 years term.

49% to Arrano community members 490,000,000 ANO

36% to the Arrano Launch Pad – Startup fueling fund 360,000,000 ANO

12.9% to the Governance Reserved 129,000,000 ANO

2.1% to the Investors and advisory team with 4-year vesting 21,000,000 ANO

The 49% ( 490,000,000 ANO) of community distribution allocated for front communities of Arrano Network

8% to the Developers Community in 4 phases of development 140000000 ANO

10% to the Media Community, includes authors and publishers 110000000 ANO

11% to Introducers, The Influencers or Project promoters 150000000 ANO

20% to the liquidity providers, to swap, staker and hold the token 90000000 ANO

Use Cases of ANO tokens

  • Get Rewards
  • Pay transaction fees of a decentralized exchange and others
  • Lending, Staking, and other Financing
  • Trade on Exchanges on listing
  • Convert to Fiat currency in Arrano P2P.
  • Make Utility Payments
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Bill Payments
  • Ticket Booking
  • Ecommerce
  • ANDX Token

A Defi token released by Arrano Network for the purpose of funding the Arrano Dex. The token was launched for Pre-Sale from 14th December 2020.

Token: Arrano Decentralized Exchange ( ANDX )

Ticker: ANDX

Total Supply: 81800

Available supply: 49080

Pre-Sale price: 0.12 ETH ( Dec 14 to 25th 2020)

The token will also be immediately listed on standard defi exchanges like uniswap, 1inch, and others.

Use Cases of ANDX tokens

Holding ANDX will make you a stakeholder of Arrano Dex. Trade ANDX on multiple Decentralized Exchange platforms.

Promoted to premium members of the community. Authority to Vote in decisions of Arrano developments Get special rewards and earning opportunities.

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